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We know miracles happen when we band together for the work of the Lord, partners joining hands for great causes. We are passionate about the Lord's work ensued since our church started 14 years ago. It has been marvelous in our eyes. This year we launched the Gideon 300 Movement (G3M). In this movement, we are looking for 300 new members and 300 people to give $300 towards our mortgage burning. In just two years we have ministered to countless people, provided community support for more than 12, 00 people annually through food and necessities program, and paid $52,000 towards our mortgage burning. We still have lives to touch, seats to fill, and $204,000 to go to pay off our church. The benefits of the G#M are Changed Lives, Community Impact, and Financial Empowerment. New members see a positive change in their lives through a relationship with Jesus and connection with the church, the community receives more help through our outreach, givers are financially blessed for the seed they sow, and the church can do more without the monthly mortgage payment. The G3M is heaven sent and will bless your soul when you join with us in this campaign for change. 


Please consider giving by clicking the donate below. All donations are tax-deductible by law.  Please consider becoming a member by visiting our church and speaking with the Pastor. Thank you for your consideration.

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