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Established in 2010 to offer social services to children, youth, seniors, low-income, disadvantaged, or immigrant families and retirees in Grant County. In addition, we are committed to providing housing and preventive health care education programs, and music and arts education.  This organization has many programs funded by private foundations, personal donations, and grants. Among the many services offered is Christmas Toys and Bikes Giveaway,  Christian counseling, Food Pantry, Hot Meals, Home Sweet Home (household items), School shoes and Supplies Giveaway, Youth and Young Adult Leadership Training, Tutoring Services, Music & Arts Education for Aspiring Artists, Nutrition and so much more. See the Projects page to view more about the programs offered.


The organization purchased 3.5 acres of land to build a preventive health care center. This center will enable us to expand our efforts equipping the community with ways to make health-related lifestyle changes. We are seeking funders for development of the center. Contact us for more information.


Board Members: 

Pastor Robert Morrell            

Pastor Brenda Morrell

Curtis Garr                                   

Vickie Petit                                                        

Dr. Kandy Morrell

Charles Jones



Living Water Family Services, Inc.  501(c)3

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